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Monopoly Profits in the Wheat Flour Market in Armenia feature image

Monopoly Profits in the Wheat Flour Market in Armenia

Conservative estimates show that the companies involved in importing wheat and selling flour on the...
 A New Vision for the Caucasus feature image

Armenia and the West: A New Vision for the Caucasus

This report lays out a roadmap for Armenia’s relations with the West and a new vision for the...
When People Are Fed Up feature image

When People Are Fed Up

At early hours of July 17, a group of gunmen took control over a large police compound in Erebuni...
PFA's State of the Nation Report on "Corruption in Armenia" feature image

PFA's State of the Nation Report on "Corruption in Armenia"

The report brings to light many peculiarities of corruption in Armenia
 Armenia's 2012 Parliamentary Election feature image

PFA Special Report: Armenia's 2012 Parliamentary Election

Authorities in Armenia Put a New Face on Election Fraud
  Weathering the Global Storm feature image

Armenia: Weathering the Global Storm

To discuss the implications of the crisis for Armenia and help devise policy prescriptions to...

News and Press Releases

Jun 24, 2018 | Press Release
The founder of the Artsakh’s independence movement, Igor Muradyan, died on Sunday, June 17 in...
May 2, 2018 | News
Armenia appears at last to be breaking with its post-Soviet malaise and embracing democratic change...
Apr 26, 2018 | News
The Armenian diaspora's equivocal response to the movement that toppled Serzh Sargsyan has...
Apr 15, 2018 | Press Release
The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Council, which operates under the political...
Mar 15, 2018 | News
Recent news from Armenia is rather distressing. We witnessed the selection of a single candidate...
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Do you support the Constitutional changes in Armenia scheduled for the vote on December 6, 2015?
Difficult to say
Total votes: 196


December 6, 2016 marks the first anniversary of the 2015 Constitutional Referendum in Armenia.

The report offers some innovative thinking about Armenia’s geopolitical potential and challenges the prevailing views about Western involvement in Armenia and the Caucasus.

This is the third State of the Nation Report by Policy Forum Armenia and the eighth one in total, all focused on issues of critical importance for Armenia.

PFA’s Special Report on “Armenian's 2012 Parliamentary Election,” provides an overview of political-economic and legislative developments in the period preceding the 2012 election and summarizes the reactions of key stakeholders to the election outcome.

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At early hours of July 17, a group of gunmen attacked a large police compound in Erebuni district of Yerevan and took several police officers hostage.

Arthur Kachikian

The escalation of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in early-April and its implications for Armenia’s survival raise a number of important questions for the leaders and the general public both in Armenia and the Diaspora.