Better Policies. Better Future.


Policy Forum Armenia (PFA) is an independent professional non-profit organization aimed at strengthening discourse on Armenia's economic development and national security and through that helping to shape public policy in Armenia. Its main objective is to offer alternative views and professional analysis containing innovative and practical recommendations for public policy design and implementation. Through its activities, PFA aims to contribute to the creation of an informed public and more effective and accountable government. PFA's main asset is its worldwide network of professionals and leaders in their respective fields, with dedication to Armenia.

Our Vision

We strive to build Armenia as a country and society where:

Government is transparent and fully trusted by its subjects; Its main objective is the current and future well-being of citizens and nationals abroad; Its members are equally accountable before the law in the same manner as any other citizen of the country and have no direct commercial interests.

Judiciary is free, fair, and incorruptible.

Legislature is competent and respectable.

Civil service is the most respected form of employment, because it provides an opportunity to serve the country and people, and is highly professional.

Society has high standards of living; It is well educated, tolerant, and humane.

Economy is at the frontier of progress and innovation, building upon the human capital of the Nation as a whole; It offers equal opportunities for everyone; It does not tolerate unfair competition and redistributes through efficient and fair taxation.

Environment and responsible management of natural resources are essential to the survival of the State, and are key elements of well-being of future generations.

Human rights are the most sacred set of values.

Citizens of Armenia - Armenians, Yezidis, Greeks, Kurds, Russians, and others alike - are the most valuable asset of the State.

Armed Forces are by far the strongest in the region by spirit and dedication of its men and women, by its advanced armament, and by significance of its mission to protect life, history, and culture.

Diaspora and Armenia form a single entity, the Nation. Its stake in Armenia and Armenia’s development are recognized and encouraged; Its potential is fully internalized; Its members have dual Armenian citizenship.

History is of essence. Future is where we aim.