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Armenia-Diaspora Relations: 20 Years Since Independence

PFA’s first State of the Nation Report entitled “Armenia-Diaspora Relations: 20 Years Since Independence” focused on the relations between Armenia and its worldwide Diaspora. As part of the series that intends to take assessments of developmental and national security issues of importance for Armenia and the Diaspora, the report produced an evaluation of the engagement between the two halves of the nation following the inception Armenia’s independence movement in 1988. It offers a comprehensive review of Diaspora’s engagement in Armenia on three critical dimensions: economic development, governance and public sector reform, and civil society strengthening. While acknowledging the enormous effort required and the sacrifices made to support Armenia during early years of independence, the review is critical to what has been achieved on these important dimensions and provides reasons behind these outcomes. Finally, the report makes the case for a collective action, which—if calibrated properly and with the focus on right values and objectives—could help better address the developmental and geopolitical challenges faced by the nation.

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