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Armenia's 2008 Presidential Election: Select Issues and Analysis

Consistent with its mission and operational objectives, and responding to events unfolding in Armenia, in July 2008, PFA published its first special reports entitled “2008 Armenia’s Presidential Election: Select Issues and Analysis,” provided a thorough and multi-disciplinary analysis of events surrounding the February 19, 2008 presidential election in Armenia. The Report provided analysis of the election outcome and the civil and political disturbances that ensued and was very well received by a broad range of stakeholders. The key issues analyzed in the Report include the election irregularities and human rights abuses observed before and on February 19 and March 1-2; the role of civil society in the aftermath of the election; and the political developments that followed. The Report provides a detailed statistical analysis of the election outcome and illustrates the massive deviations from the norm through identifiable forms of election fraud, including ballot stuffing and vote steeling.

Armenian version of the Report

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