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PFA Responds to Events of March 1-2, 2008 in Armenia

PFA responds to the Events in Armenia

The membership of the Policy Forum Armenia is deeply alarmed with the recent events unfolding in Armenia. We condemn, in the strongest terms, any use of violence and brutality against peaceful and unarmed civilian demonstrators, such as that which occurred in the early hours of March 1 and throughout the day. We mourn the loss of life, and we place the ultimate responsibility for such loss with those who ordered force against peaceful demonstrators in their sleep in Liberty Square, Armenia’s symbol of freedom.

Having the best interest of the people of Armenia in mind, and taking into account the unprecedented nature of the events, we—Armenian professionals from around the world in joining other people of good will—urge the Armenian authorities to:

  •          Cease arrests of opposition political leaders and activists;
  •          Assure the release of all arrested demonstrators, or provide them with access to legal   counsel as stipulated by law;
  •          Provide adequate medical treatment to injured and wounded civilians;
  •          Ensure objective, full, and accurate media coverage of the events;
  •          Lift the state of emergency, thereby restoring constitutional order in the country; and
  •          Secure the free and unimpeded exercise of citizens’ constitutional rights to free speech and assembly.

We call upon the international community to make every diplomatic effort to help restore the conditions in Armenia for a free, fair, and transparent vote, pursuant to Armenia’s international commitments and obligations.

We encourage Armenian civil society to continue its struggle in securing adherence to democratic norms and principles in Armenia, including the conduct of free, fair, and transparent elections.

We urge all stakeholders in Armenia’s stability and well-being to make every effort to avoid future escalation of violence and loss of life.

See the response in Armenian.