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PFA's Statement Regarding the Events at Erebuni Police Station in Yerevan

July 18, 2016
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The corrupt and criminal regime of Serge Sargsyan and his partners have exhausted all the means and avenues for peaceful and legitimate development processes in Armenia. For years they have used election fraud, political oppression, and physical violence to maintain their grip on power and amass humongous personal wealth. Yesterday's action by a group of civil leaders and former freedom fighters is merely an outcome of these policies and a reflection of absence of alternative ways to stop the destruction of the economy and prevent future military defeats.

We, therefore, put the responsibility for the events at Erebuni Police Station in Yerevan in early hours of July 17 on the regime in Yerevan and call upon people of Armenia to use their Constitutional right to impose a change of the country's governing system.

PFA Executive Board