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Statement in Connection with the Anniversary of July 2016 Events in Yerevan

July 17, 2017

On the anniversary of the takeover of Erebuni police station in Yerevan by “Sasna Tsrer”, we reiterate our commitment to the ideal of a free and independent Armenia, where every citizen is treated equally by the law and the government has the best interest of the country at heart.

We note that systemic corruption and human rights abuses regularly committed by the ruling regime will continue to produce resistance by Armenia’s citizenry, a right given to them by the Constitution and the history of developed nations worldwide.

We join the Armenian Bar Association in demanding to halt police brutality and abuse against “Sasna Tsrer” and other political prisoners, as well as members of their legal defense teams and supporters.

We urge the US authorities to pressure the Armenian regime to free activist and lawyer Garo Yegnukian, a US citizen and a father of five, from a year-long unlawful detention.

Finally, we call on Armenians around the world to support Armenia’s civil society groups in their effort to reinstate the rule of law and help Armenia regain its sovereignty.

PFA Executive Board
Washington, DC