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Samvel A. Mkhitaryan

Senior Fellow

Samvel A. Mkhitaryan holds a Ph.D. in Technical Sciences from USSR Higher Scientific Certification Commission in Moscow. He took post-graduate research courses at the Institute of Physics of the Earth (IPE) of the USSR Academy of Sciences and specialized in designing of Scientific and Geophysical Devices. Dr. Mkhitaryan received also a MPA degree specializing in Management of Enterprises from State University of Public Sciences of ML and a MS degree in Engineering and electronics from the State Engineering University of Armenia. Dr. Mkhitaryan led and participated in designing and production of various scientific equipments. Along with his active involvement locally and internationally, he authored and co authored about 60 research, analytical and recommendation reports, manuals, guides, directories, as well as copyrights of patents on inventions and scientific articles on Electronics, Scientific Equipments, Information Analytic Systems, Securities Markets, Finance, Investments, SMB, Community Development, Higher educational reforms, Bologna process, ECTS educational system, Quality assurance, SM, Taxes, etc. published in International, SU, US, RF and Armenian scientific magazines and publications. Dr. Mkhitaryan also has organized, conducted and attended various international and local forums and conferences in finance, securities markets, corporate governance, investment, banking, loans, SME and community development, scientific equipments and electronics among many other fields.